Blizzard Bans Thousands Of Diablo 3 Cheaters, Unveils RMAH After


There hasn’t been a new Diablo franchise in the past twelve years and Blizzard’s launching of Diablo III has kept its audience attached. Diablo is an addicting game – and this is through experience. You play the game with passion to always search for and collect gold in order for you to buy new weapons or enhance your weapons. Some people may find this interactive game dull because all you do is search yet they miss the excitement that a player feels every time his game levels up. Diablo III has improved gameplay and introduces customizable banners to players.

One thing about Diablo III is that players cannot play while they are offline or play with only a single-player mode. This lowered the probability of cheaters and hackers being present. In the past versions of Diablo, players were allowed to play offline which permitted them to get ahead of their fellow players. In relation to this, thousands of accounts were already banned for cheating and hacking. Offensive player accounts from different parts of the world have also been banned.

Perhaps, Blizzard’s move is in preparation for the launch of its Real Money Auction House (RMAH). Here,  players can buy, sell and auction items by using their account. Players can do this by using cash, credit cards or a PayPal account. Previously, Blizzard introduced its Auction House using in-game gold currency to trade commodities.

We’re hoping that Blizzard can maintain safe and fun gameplay they always promise to millions of D3 gamers even with the advent of RMAH. We’ll see. For more details on the real money and auction house, check this out.

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