Apple Files Patent For Solar-Powered iPhones & iPods


Apple yet again created another breakthrough in the mobile industry. Recently, the Cupertino company launches its new revolutionary advancement by filing a patent that might give way to solar-powered iDevices.


This lessens the time of battery-charging which can take more than a few hours. Last February 5, 2013, Apple has been granted a patent #8,368,654 which is entitled as ‘Integrated touch sensor and solar assembly’ as approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The abstract includes the use of solar energy and touch sensor that is used by the electrodes in the solar cell array. In layman, the touchscreen can also be used as a solar panel.

This innovation can greatly scare-off competitors as there is no existing mobile gadget that cannot perform without battery-charging. Although Apple has yet to launch this product, the patent grant does not directly implicate successful product invention. However, Apple has illustrated the possibility of automatic switching from solar-charging mode to touch mode – which indicates possible accomplishment.

While this promising device creates huge excitement to all iPhone fans, the reality is still far beyond reached. Many company have already tried to make this product as it entails high production cost as shown by Solyndra last 2011.


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