Apple Cyber Monday 2012 Deals Include iPod Touch & iPod Nano Gadgets


It’s only a full week before Cyber Monday. The Monday immediately after thanksgiving – 26th of November for year 2012 – is virtually the best day to shop online. Web shoppers are already anticipating the discounts and deals to be offered on the biggest online shopping day. Apple is not one to dole out discounts even during Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays, but over the past 5 years it has been pretty consistent on giving fairly pretty deals during the Thanksgiving holiday. if you’ve been itching to get some savings on iPod Nano or iPod Touch purchases, you may have a chance on those discounts come November 26.

If Apple’s consistency holds up this year, we can still expect $11 to $41 discounts on iPod Nano and Touch. Maybe something even lower than that especially since some online stores regularly offer savings on these devices and do not collect sales tax in certain states. Based on last year’s deals, Apple offered $21 off on the iPod Touch and $11 discount from iPod Nano.

Best Buy and Meijer will be offering these gadgets for $194.99 – $144.99. Best Buy will open discounted sales online as early as 10pm of Thanksgiving, and this is something worth watching out for. Macmall, the leading Apple distributor, will also be a popular place to get these deals.

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