Alta Devices Unveils World’s Lightest Military Solar Chargers


Start-up company Alta Devices is on a roll and continues to build on its previous success in the field of solar powered technology. Known for developing highly efficient solar panels, the company has recently announced new solar charging mats that are compact, light, efficient and that can dramatically improve a soldier’s life.

Soldiers often carry loads that reach 100 lbs and more because of batteries, but Alta Devices’ new charging mats can reduce this load by as much as 25 lbs. The smallest of the company’s charging mat is only 4 ounces and is just a bit bigger than a piece of paper, making it very portable and flexible. The mats are designed to withstand rough handling and rugged conditions. Plus they’re also made to be sensitive to low-light conditions.

Aside from being a huge asset in the military, Alta Devices believe that their design can be integrated in electronic devices and vehicles to benefit ordinary consumers or used in large industries. Alta Devices CEO Chris Norris believes that their light solar chargers can be used during dire circumstances like the recent Hurricane Sandy situation that left countless areas without power.

Alta Devices hasn’t given out any concrete information on when their charging mats will come out or how much it will cost, but their success in developing and improving solar technology seems to herald exciting times ahead.

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