Acer V5: Release and Price For Ultrathin Laptop


It seems like Acer’s gearing up for a big rollout of products this year if its performance during CeBIT 2012 at Germany is anything to go by. It has several new models of laptops just waiting to be released, three of which are called the Aspire V5 line of ultrathin laptops.

The V5 ultrabook lineup comes in three different sizes and configurations, 11.6, 14 and 15.6 inches. The 14.6-inch device is about 15mm thin, making it more of a netbook than a mainstream laptop, while the other two are thicker at 21 and 23mm, respectively. The two larger models also have their own optical drives, something the smallest laptop doesn’t have. These dimensions serve not only to allow the devices to fit easily into bags, but not be burdens as they’re somewhat lighter than other mainstream laptops. However, Acer is more proud of the laptops’ internal workings than the chassis.

All three V5 models carry Intel Core processors, either i3 or i5 depending on the configuration, and NVIDIA GeForce GT cards for the graphics, which makes the laptops suited for multimedia-related tasks such as watching HD videos or viewing large images.

Not much else is known about the laptops, and a hands-on at CeBIT isn’t possible as the units on display were only dummies, but Acer says that it hopes to release the Aspire V5 line in a few months. Come the second quarter of 2012, the laptops will be available at about €499 ($650) to €699 ($950).


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